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Sacred Dance Meditation 

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Daily Dance Meditations

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What's in a Name?

January 23

My Divine Names, My Divine Directions

How we call ourselves matters. What we call ourselves dictates who we are. What we allow others to call us also shapes reality. In Ancient Egyptian practices, people were very careful about what names they gave others and themselves.


Set up your Sacred Dance Studio and put on your Sacred Dance Attire Take a few moments to transition into the Spiritual Dance Posture and face eastward. For this week, dances and readings based on the concept that the Ancient Egyptians held fast to the notion of Divine Names is our focus. You are encouraged to identify this in yourself and others, as well as for the Earth and the Universe.

The Passage

Many cultures have associations with birth names given to children, names that are applied upon achievement of a rite of passage, and other names that can be characteristic of actions or temperament. She’s a picky eater; he’s shy, she’s named after her grand aunt, now you are a warrior, etc. In Ancient Egyptian culture, we know there were names associated with different aspects of Soul and Spirit, and these names sometimes incorporated human and animalistic traits, especially for deities and gods, and constituted one’s identity for the present and eternity. What we are doing this week is looking at and evaluating the names—labels we have accepted—about ourselves.

The Meditation

Often, we dance on geometry that we can’t see and we don’t give a second thought to while the constant chatter goes on in our heads. Right now, notice the floor, the sky, the walls, the intersections of the planes that divide your world. Now, what is it that you believe deeply about yourself that may be keeping you boxed or cubed into a persona? Is that persona working for you? Are you a hero or rescuer? Are you a martyr? A victim? What name would you give your personality? How much of you is what You have determined for yourself, versus what you’ve been told about yourself? What do you want to change about what you believe about yourself? What’s your given name, personality, and character? What do you tell yourself about yourself? How heavy or light are these associations, and are they keeping you in a box? Take a few moments and note these in your journal.

Today’s Dance Remembered

Imposed boxes and cubes are all around me in my daily life and they define who I am. Today I will dance with my eyes to notice the corners of cubes and boxes that I dance in without any judgment of how I got there.

Copyright Carla Stalling Walter, PhD; All rights reserved 

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